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Imagine... a 5-year-old running into the living room, excited that the holiday is finally here.

Imagine... the sadness and tears upon her or his face when the beautiful wrapped toys she or he has dreamed about are nowhare to be see.

Picture... the look of anguish on the parents' faces as they try to explain why.

The 2020 holiday season is fastly approaching and we need your help! Santa's Helpers, Inc. is very reliant on the funds we raise through different venues (i.e Trivia Night & Silent Auctions, as well as Corporate and personal sponsorships). This year, due to the global pandemic, we will not be holding our largest single fund raising event, our annual trivia night. Please do consider donating to our organization as we continue to serve the needs of our community. We are anticipating that our outreach will double or triple from last year due to COVID-19. That means more families in need of basic essentials(clothing, coats, backpacks, gloves and of course toys) that we provide throughout the holiday season. We have provided 2 ways to provide a donation. For those that wish to donate electronically, please click on the Donate Button below which will take you to our safe and secure paypal account. For those that which to write a check please download and send in the donation form below.

Below is an example of the cost that money will provide. NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL!

$25.00... Gifts for one child

$75.00... Gifts for a sick child's specific wish list

$150.00... Gifts for a family of four

$500.00... Honorary Santa status

Other... No gift is too small!!!

If you would like to write a check and mail-in, please download the form: mail-in donation

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